1st April 2020 0

Following our letter on Friday 27th March and further consultation with our customers, we have now unfortunately made the decision to temporarily close our factory from 2pm on Friday 3rd April. Deliveries booked after this date will be rearranged for when we re-open.

This will ensure more safety for our staff and allow us to come back at full strength when the situation eases, and Government advice allows.

With a skeleton staff, our Sales, Technical and Estimating functions will continue. Orders can still be placed and you will also be able to contact us to amend future deliveries. Please bear with us if response times are a little longer than usual.

Our contact details are shown again below.

For orders:

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We will provide further updates as the situation develops.


Daniel Harrendence
Sales Director
Euroview Architectural Glass


3rd September 2019 0

Euroview Architectural Glass are approved Dow Quality Bond Applicators for Insulating Glazing Manufacturers and Structural Glazing Applicators. This ensures the best performing building solutions with the lift silicone sealing and bonding of our glass solutions.

What is the Quality Bond Program? 

The Quality Bond program unites property developers, architects, consultants, engineers, fabricators, and applicators by sharing Dow’s extensive knowledge in silicone bonding applications for high performance building. The silicone sealing and bonding ensures the highest level of quality control, quality assurance, and production application with specialist silicone applicators.

Using state-of-the-art silicone sealant technology, there is almost unlimited design versatility by creating structures that have redefined the landscape of cities across the world. When it comes to specifying sealants for structural glazing, insulating glazing, weather-sealing, or fire protection where performance and reliability are at the top of key criteria. When you choose approved applicators, such as Euroview, you can be assured that we are trained and audited to beet the highest quality standard in performance, safety, and durability – especially against accelerating architectural creativity and requirements in energy efficiency and transparency in advanced glazing solution.

If you would like to find out more about how we ensure the best quality on all of our projects, please get in touch with us here


14th August 2019 0

Euroview has been increasing output levels and quality standards in order to respond to demand for the growing commercial and high-end sector for architectural glass in the UK.

“A key part of our push for quality has been the addition of Glaston’s FC500 flat glass tempering furnace with the first iLooK online glass quality measuring system in the UK”
Steve Larvin, Euroview Managing Director.

Not only does the Glaston FC500 have the best energy efficiency in the market, it also has proven to produce impressive results. It provides greater output than industry standard machinery and it is capable of running larger glass sizes of up to 6,000 x 3,300 mm. Although the Glaston FC500 was a fundamental investment for Euroview, we knew that we wanted to give our customers more. To ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the type of glass as well as the quality, the Glaston iLook Scanner that is attached to our furnace is vital, so adding an Glaston iLook Scanner to attach to our furnace was an obvious investment. The iLook Scanner allows our customers to get an instant report from the online systems so they can see that we deliver what we promise.

“Every sheet of glass comes with its own report from the online system. This means that customers can really see the quality for themselves from the documents produced,”
Steve Larvin, Euroview Managing Director.

For us, the ability to get feedback on how much glass is being produced and the quality in terms of roller wave, edge lift and actual sizes has been very important. We diligently ensure we have access to a wide range of products so our customers continue to receive the best value available.

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