We offer a state of the art acoustic glass specifically designed to reduce the amount of outside noise entering a room.

State of the art glass

Euroview can provide the ideal product in situations where there is excess noise from outside as the laminated glass delivers transparent noise insulation. If a building is situated close to rail, air or road noise, this high quality acoustic laminated offers benefits that cannot be gained from standard products, there is not a compromise on either impact or light transmission performance.

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A variety of options

A large variety of product choice means that acoustic glass can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Euroview are also pleased to offer clients the option of combining products in order to achieve a multi-functioning noise-reducing monolithic glass, or a multi-functional noise-reduction IGU with additional benefits such as thermal insulation, solar control or self-cleaning, depending on specifications. All our products reach safety class 1 (B) 1 (EN 12600) and are available to meet glass grades contained in EN 356. Acoustic glass can also be used to improve noise insulation in a triple glazing construction.