We are proud to say our expertise and automated equipment enable us to fill even the most demanding requirements of the glazing industry. Serving both domestic and commercial markets, we manufacture up to 6,000 units in 5 days. Maximum spandrel size is 5000mm x 3000mm


We aim to process orders within 24 hours of receipt. If you would like to make an order, please send to

IG Units

We can provide IG Units up to 5000mm x 3000 mm in double glazed, triple glazed, and combination formats. The maximum weight of these is 800kg.


Our state of the art Glaston FC500 tempering furnace allows us to toughen and heat strengthen a variety of different glass, with accredited testing.


We also use standard polysulphide seal and Dow Corning DC3363 for structural units, stepped, and/or exposed edges.


Working with Witham Transport, we can deliver glass with a dedicated team of experienced drivers ensuring products are transported safely and securely.