Our Team

Started as a family business, our team at Euroview has grown in size and expertise, and intend to continue to expand. The whole team is focused on quality of service in their respective departments. We are proud of who we are and our achievements, and look forward to future challenges.

steve.larvin@ euroview.glass

01 / Managing Director

Steve Larvin


02 / Financial Director

Phillippa Brown


03 / Sales and Technical Director

Daniel Harrendence

gary.wilton@ euroview.glass

04 / Operations Director

Gary Wilton

Commercial Sales Team


Steven Payne


Geoff Hancock


Mark Lay



  • Accounting
  • Office Manager
  • Quality Control Team

Sheri Warren
Ellie Gilbert

Office Manager

Maria Fletcher

Quality Control Team

Michael Gross
Simon Webber

  • Technical Enquiries and Estimating
  • IT Manager
  • Production Planning
Technical Enquiries and Estimating

Mark Priestley
Kevin Chambers
Frankie Bishop

IT Manager

John Hannaford 

Production Planning

Szymon RodaManager
Matthew Huckle

  • Transport
  • Customer Service
  • Health & Safety

Jamie Baker- Manager
Daniel Huckle
Russell Enderson
Sam Nial

Customer Service

Maria Fletcher – Assistant Office Manger
Sophie Cudlip – Project and Key Account Liaison
Katie Magowan
Marie Gudgin

Health & Safety

Jason Day – Head of Health & Safety