Whatever your particular needs, we have the glass to suit. With a range of solar control glass, we are able to ensure your building allows the right amount of light and thermal heat to enter.

Solar Control

Tinted Glass and High Performance Double and Triple Silver Solar Control coated glasses in a range of thicknesses.

Low E-Coating

Highly neutral low emissivity glass coatings to provide U Values as low as 0.5w/m2K in triple glazing.


Certified and computed performance data for almost any acoustic requirement.

Self Clean

We have the option to apply a Ritec Clearshield coating to any glass surface. We also stock Pilkington Activ and Saint-Gobain Bioclean

Spandrel Panels

Ceramic fired paints form part of the glass surface during the toughening process.

Fire Glass

The full range of solutions supplied by Pilkington and Pyroguard in single and double glazed forms.

Structural IGU

We are accredited suppliers of all of the key structural toggle systems.