Solar Control

Euroview supports a range of coated glass products which offer natural light transmission whilst ensuring energy savings, solar protection and thermal insulation.

High light transmission

Our products have a high light transmission allowing colour to be neutrally reflected and transmitted. They are placed on an extra clear glass as standard and their high selectivity ensures low solar heat gain. Our coated glass products are available either on laminated or acoustic laminated glass for extra comfort and security. In addition, a solution for a matching spandrel is available.

Advanced thermal insulation

Our high selectivity glass with advanced thermal insulation are popular choices for many architects. The benefits of either of these glass types are that they have a high light transmission which creates year round lighting benefits. They also have a low solar factor, thus reducing the cost of air conditioning. The glass has a U-value of 1.0W/ m2K, making it the first choice for improving thermal insulation and energy savings. Our high selectivity glass can create more comfortable interiors whilst reducing overheating, ideally suited for fa├žade or overhead glazing in applications which require annealed and toughened or heat treated glass.

Trusted and professional

Euroview uses a range of trusted and professional suppliers including Saint-Gobain, Guardian and Pilkington.